Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Off Day

We have no set off days around here.  If Indi is bright and chipper in the morning and I know I can seize the opportunity to work with him on something that requires focus...I do it.  If not, I do something else.  This morning my child was a banshee.  He did not settle to sleep easily the night before and therefore was a bit crazy this morning as he does not seem to understand this is when people sleep in.  Anyway, we had our regular morning with the baby, breakfast, play time, etc. and after the baby went down for a nap, I found Indi outside pulling weeds with my husband.  As tempting as it was to leave them be, I knew he needed some serious outside time.

So, we decided to hike around Lake Grapevine this morning as we often do.  As we were pulling out of the garage, he announces he would prefer to ride bikes instead.  Being accomodating, I threw our bikes on the back of our car and headed off. 

The trail around the lake has lots of hills.  Indi is a pretty good rider for a 4 year old though, so we went for it.  We rode probably a mile out to the marina on the other side of the lake.  No problem.  On the way back however, he decided to stop on every UP HILL...which means he couldn't get going again and so we had to walk his bike up many hills.  I was beginning to think we would never make it back.  Finally enough was enough and I walked his bike backwards to teach him how to approach a hill on a bike.  It took him three tries before he understood that he needed to generate some speed on the downhill to make it up the uphill.  I am thinking to child is exploring physics.  And well, I guess he was.  I actually did talk to him about momentum and I am sure someday he will really get it. 

The rest of the day was spent in the backyard 'helping' Daddy build a play fort and helping me weed the yard.  It's nice to see that even when we do nothing traditionally academic that a lot of learning happens regardless.

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