Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gives a new appreciation for anyone who has taught preschool

I am sitting here today writing this post as my 4 year old sits and does nothing.  Ugh.  Homeschooling is often joyous, but sometimes my kid goes out of his way to be stubborn and obnoxious.  Yes, I know this is developmental 'stuff', but as a mom I am frequently torn between letting him just 'do his thing' because it is developmental or throwing some discipline into the mix to help him learn some boundaries. 

So, my son can read.  He doesn't read long fancy words, but he can easily sound out pretty much any cvc word.  Today we sat down to do reading after enjoying our homemade Zoku a great mood.  Then instead of reading, he chooses to lean into my face as close as he can get and smile that devilish smile that says...."It is my mission to mess with your head today and nothing more".  Typically I won't engage in power struggles, but as I is hard to know when a situation requires a little more backbone.  So, in the end I told him that I couldn't sit with him anymore because it was only going to anger me.  I told him to let meknow when he was ready to try even one word because I won't allow him to sit and not even try.  There is a difference between struggling to do something and needing help and clearly doing things to torture mom.  So I am out of range to be tortured which is a nice thing.  Undoubdtedly he is probably sitting and devising some other way he can make me crazy today and then what?  I don't know.

I know I have read many a homeschool blog and the moms seems so organized and there are beautiful pictures of kids reading in an apple orchard or video diaries with children calmly sharing their wisdom.  I am only at the beginning of my blog and wondering where it might go.  Do other moms have days like this and they just don't admit it or are they just really fantastic mothers/teachers???  Gosh, I don't know.  It's just another day of trying to figure out how to do the best for my kids that I can do.  I sure wish it were easier sometimes.