Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Day!

This morning I could tell straight away that Indi had some wild spirits in him.  Not anything terrible...just wild.  So we had breakfast and immediately headed for the park to channel some of that energy into a place where it belonged.  We rode bikes, played with friends, ran through the forest, threw leaves in the air, watched squirrels and then all was right in the world and Indi was pretty peaceful.

We came home and put the baby down for a nap, had some lunch and then happily dug into the academic portion of our day.  I finished the alpahbet review in TOPGTR and began the blending lesson even though Indi already knows how to blend.  The problem is that I am not seeing him gain any more comfort or automaticity with it.  As suggested by some other homeschooling moms, I went back to it.  I also incorporate the paint sample card activity I mentioned before.  Indi really enoyed this.  I definitely plan on making additional sets of other word families this way. 

Indi was chomping at the bit to do math today as usual.  We finished lesson 7 from Right Start and then played a game of Uno.  He won. 

After math, we did some handwriting.  This is not Indi's fortay at this point, but he isn't totally resistant to it.  I am considering doin Handwriting Without Tears with Him, but their website is kind of confusing in my opinion.  It's something I need to research further.

So..an easy peasy happy day!

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